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Select Committee Training

Select Committee Training
We can help you communicate your most important messages effectively, inside and outside Parliament.

Select Committees were set up with a very clear focus – to act as a check on Government policy, expenditure and administration. They have the power to force witnesses to appear before them and also to demand information and documents.

Whilst Select Committees can have an impact upon policy development and public debate, they can also break reputations, both individual and corporate, in a matter of moments. The devolved legislatures also have their own committee systems.

Appearing before a Select Committee can be an extremely stressful experience. However, with preparation, a Select Committee appearance can be turned to your advantage. Members of the PLMR team have worked for and with Members of Parliament and Peers for decades and have provided many organisations with an integrated rehearsal and preparation service in the lead-up to Select Committee appearances.

Components of our training include:

  • Carrying out a political audit of a given Committee by analysing its style, the preferences of its Members and their likely approach;
  • Drafting the written submissions and other correspondence which is required to be submitted in advance of a Select Committee appearance;
  • Liaison with the Committee Clerk (they are often happy to circulate questions in advance);
  • Preparing and rehearsing a list of key questions that we know you will be asked;
  • Drafting responses to anticipated questions and rehearsing their efficacy, credibility and crucially “believability”;
  • Attending on the day with you and helping to support and manage smoothly and effectively your whole experience;
  • Providing media relations support around your appearance.

No amount of preparation can guarantee a relaxed, uneventful hearing, but our assiduous preparation and rehearsing of you can reduce the likelihood of a negative experience and can also maximise your chances of a positive experience. For references from clients that we have helped prepare for Select Committee appearances contact us here.

With the help and reassurance of the PLMR Team, you can turn a Select Committee appearance into an opportunity for a positive profiling and effective communication of your key messages to audiences both within and outside Parliament.

Read an example of a successful and confident Select Committee appearance following our Select Committee Training.


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