PR & Media Relations

Through our PR and media relations work, PLMR delivers the media coverage that our clients want – whether this is through television or radio, local or national newspapers, or the trade and sector media. PLMR achieves thousands of pieces of media coverage for its clients every year.

The news environment is highly saturated and incredibly challenging. Imagine for a minute that you are a journalist, receiving hundreds of emails a day and immense pressure to meet deadlines. This is where an excellent PR and media relations service comes into play. Having clear objectives, a strong strategy and crucially the right stories with strong narratives, are vital in order to achieve the right media coverage.

PLMR team members themselves appear in the media all the time and instinctively understand it.

A good PR campaign begins by refining your messages, defining target journalists and key media outlets, and tailoring your messages so that the people you contact can easily understand your purpose and the value of the story. We understand how to generate the right stories, and we understand how different forms of communication work for different audiences.

PLMR’s team of PR and Media Relations experts can work with you to create the best possible media image for your company, including:

  • Identifying target journalists
  • Advising on how you present your story to the media
  • Creating your narrative and selling in your stories to the media
  • Tailoring materials and story angles for your audiences to maximise your press coverage
  • Devising PR campaigns to deliver your desired objectives
  • Full media monitoring
  • Running outsourced press offices on your behalf
  • Production of corporate materials e.g. annual reports and websites

To find out more about our PR and Media Relations services, and to request a fully-tailored proposal for your organisation and its needs, contact us at or call 0207 622 9529