Media Training

PLMR offers a programme of media training and support that will help your spokespeople deal with the most challenging media engagements. We know what makes journalists tick, and the questions they’re likely to ask. We can work with you to create the messages that will put your organisation in the best light. We’ve developed the techniques that help you deliver those messages, in the face of the toughest questioning.

Our Head of Film, Digital and Design, Mike Ramsden, has over 18 years experience as a journalist at BBC News. He’s a skilled live interviewer, so he understands the type of questions that may be asked and how you might respond to a difficult line of questioning.

Consider media training as a form of risk management. It helps you preserve the reputation of your organisation, and can turn a negative story into an opportunity to put your organisation in a positive light. A recent survey has shown that a year after a crisis, 53% of companies had not seen share prices return to pre-crisis levels. Media training can help you tell the story of your organisation, and lessen the impact of a crisis, when it arrives.

Our highly interactive media training sessions have a focus on ‘learning through doing’. Participants are given realistic interview scenarios to prepare for. They’re helped to refine their messaging into clear, concise and memorable soundbites.

Participants are then interviewed by our former BBC journalist, on camera. Once the interview is complete, their performance is reviewed, line by line, in the safety of a private training room, with feedback from PLMR’s media training experts.

We can help you prepare for

  • Interviews with journalists from newspapers, online news outlets and bloggers
  • Interviews with journalists and presenters from radio stations, and podcasters
  • Broadcast interviews on television news channels, whether in a studio, on location, or contributing from a remote studio
  • External presentations to audiences and key stakeholders
  • Internal presentations to employees
  • We help our media training participants understand the different demands of each interview or presentation scenario. We help them refine their messaging and unlock their best content.

To find out more about our media training services and how they could help you – contact us at or call 0207 622 9529