Event Management

Running an event in the right way, getting the right audience, the right date, the right venue and creating a compelling reason for people to attend, can be the difference between an embarrassment for you or your organisation and a storming success. Whether it’s Parliamentary Receptions, community consultations, launches, incentive trips or conferences, we have done them all. At PLMR, we’ll take care of your event management, doing everything necessary to make your event a success.

When it comes to events management, we love working autonomously, or with you or your partner organisations. We know what it takes – researching the right speakers, writing the agenda, branding and naming an event, creating photo opportunities, sourcing speakers, persuading politicians or celebrities to give up their precious time to turn up, selecting interesting venues. So much is involved.

At PLMR we have years of experience of making events work well. We have worked with a number of organisations to ensure that their events are well-planned, well-marketed and well-managed. For any occasion, we can provide the following events management services:

  • Research into dates, timings and venues
  • Researching guest lists
  • Invite production, distribution and response chasing
  • Creative input into guaranteeing the right attendance
  • Writing speeches
  • Organisation of catering, branded and supporting materials
  • Generating interest through media coverage, Parliamentary Questions, or Early Day Motions
  • Briefing of the host team to ensure attendance of guests is maximised
  • Provide digital services such as social media and video production
  • Attendance throughout the entire event to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Follow up after the event to continue to build relationships and to obtain the greatest value for money for your investment in it.

To find out more about our event management services and how we can support your next meeting, conference or briefing, contact us at info@plmr.co.uk or call 0207 622 9529