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Digital PR

Digital PR
We can assist you in building and operating digital channels, closing the gaps in your online presence, and making the connections that boost your reach

Having an online presence is now an essential – whether you’re in the public, private or third sector, having an established place on the web has become a requirement for everything from marketing and advertising to recruitment and sales. But it can still be a challenge to navigate the complex world of websites and social media especially when competing against larger brands or more established competition. But the web does offer immense opportunities and has the ability to level the playing field and allow challenger organisations to find a large audience in a short space of time. PLMR can help any organisation understand how to use the web better and help build an online audience or customer base from the ground up. We have the experience and understanding to build your profile, improve your reputation and produce meaningful results online, using a full suite of digital tools, video and social media.

Whether it’s a targeted PR or lobbying campaign, or a longer term brand building and reputation management mission, PLMR knows how to frame and deliver your message in the digital arena. We can assist you in building and operating digital channels, closing the gaps in your online presence, and making the connections that boost your reach.

Our digital services include:

  • Digital campaigns: designing and executing strategic and effective online PR campaigns, ensuring your messages are defined and effective
  • Social networking: helping you to widen your social networks online and target the most relevant stakeholders
  • Podcasts: creating radio audio, video, ePub or Pdf downloadable files for you to publish for your audience to absorb offline
  • Blogging: blogs are now a well-established means of communicating directly with the online community, and are a key way to publish your latest news, events, products, campaigns, stories direct to your audience

Digital Audit
We offer a digital audit service, to help you take advantage of the new ways of communicating. We’ll assess your online presence and reputation, and offer you advice on improving both. We’ll show you how to incorporate social media channels in everything you do, and explain how to seed conversations and influence opinion. In short, we’ll make the digital world work for you.

Our digital audit will…

  • Assess your presence online, helping you understand the size and scope of the conversations and awareness of your organisation or campaign
  • Provide a plan of action, explaining how our team of digital experts will work with you to boost your current offering, mapping the key influencers
  • Execute that plan, engaging with key stakeholders online, providing targeted content, real-time online conversations, and digital community management

Our digital services are available individually, or as part of an integrated political lobbying and media relations campaign.



Public & Media Relations
Our creativity and ingenuity will amplify your campaign, helping your voice reach the people that matter most
Lobbying & Public Affairs
We draw on the expertise of public affairs experts to ensure your message resonates with people of power and influence
Securing Planning Permission
We help our clients make the case for planning approval, and have an outstanding record of success
Digital PR
We can assist you in building and operating digital channels, closing the gaps in your online presence, and making the connections that boost your reach
Crisis & Issues Management
We protect clients’ reputations and minimise any negative impact on your brand
Media Training
Our former BBC News presenter can help you prepare for the toughest interviews, in print or on screen
Political & Media Monitoring
Stay informed about developments affecting your organisation, using our in-house media monitoring service
Campaign Advice
We create bespoke integrated public affairs and public relations campaigns, aligned to your goals
Select Committee Training
We can help you communicate your most important messages effectively, inside and outside Parliament.
Broadcast and Video
We make video that’s engaging and perfect for sharing online, helping to change attitudes
Strategy and Senior Team Facilitation
We help senior teams and management to communicate and work together more effectively to reach their strategic goals.
Website and SEO
PLMR has extensive experience in establishing, and maintaining comprehensive web presence tailored to your organisational needs.
Strategic Communications Advice
We help to identify strategic goals, target audiences, key messages, and effective communication tactics.
Social Media Strategy
Without a social media strategy your organisation might be wasting valuable resources
Financial Bulletins Service
Recieve detailed briefings on political and regulatory developments of importance to the financial community.
Photography & Design
Our experienced photographers and designers will give your campaign maximum visual impact
Event Management
We’ll take care of everything needed to make your event a success
Social Media Management
Our social media management plans are uniquely tailored to your organisation’s needs