Science, Technology and Innovation

At PLMR, we can help you to navigate the complex political and regulatory environments in the technology and innovation sectors successfully, whilst ensuring your message and brand identity shines through

There has never been a more exciting time to be working in the technology sector. Business is booming, with demand for technologically innovative solutions ever increasing and the number of new companies building their brands and enjoying success continuing to grow.

Much political capital has been invested in the UK technology sector and these industries are being strongly championed across Government. Technology is becoming an increasingly important sector for both consumers and decision makers.

However, the success of the technology sector in recent years has not been without its challenges, many of which remain significant barriers to growth for UK companies and global organisations looking to expand. British regulations and institutions have not kept pace with the digital revolution or the offerings of the sharing economy.

At PLMR, we recognise that this is a unique moment to be operating in the technology and innovation sector – a time which couples unprecedented opportunity with unchartered challenges.

We have worked successfully with clients to engage with stakeholders and decision makers, raise profiles, handle regulatory challenges, manage reputational issues and amplify voices in the sector. We devise and implement bespoke stakeholder engagement and media campaigns to ensure clients achieve their business objectives and, most importantly, see a return on their investment.

From securing permission for the creation of a pioneering data centre, to supporting one of the U.S’s most exciting new technology companies build strategic relationships in the UK, PLMR understands the sector and has the expertise to help technology companies achieve their objectives.

PLMR’s clients in this sector include some of the most exciting and dynamic names in the tech world, including Lyft, Sky, Interxion, and Car2Go.

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