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Property and Planning

Property and Planning
We’ll help you to engage with the communities that matter

“Planning shouldn’t just be the preserve of technocrats, lawyers and council officers. Yet up to now even the experts have struggled to plough through all the background documents and find the right advice. To be effective our planning system needs to be supported by practical guidance that anyone can consult and follow.” – Nick Boles, Planning Minister, August 2013

One of the most significant barriers to growth in the UK today remains our complex and adversarial planning system.  Planning issues can all too easily become major causes for local communities and the politicians who represent them.  Planning is political.  Planning involves people, communities and complex policies.  Opponents to development are often vocal, well organised and have clear, straightforward campaign messages.

Local authorities expect developers to consult in a meaningful way with communities, before, during and after the submission and determination of planning applications.  If an application appears before a planning committee with no sign off local engagement, and consequently with a stack of objections, councillors will often refuse permission regardless of officer recommendations.

You need to understand all the challenges facing you if you are to succeed.  We can help you cut through the complexity and get the right messages to the right people to counter potential opposition and even nip it in the bud.  PLMR offers practical guidance and delivers straightforward communications campaigns that developers need to successfully engage with local communities, stakeholders and decision-makers.

Read about our work successfully securing planning permission for a 100million data centre in a central London conservation area.


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Property and Planning
We’ll help you to engage with the communities that matter
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