Professional Services

As a professional services business ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining a high media profile in order to strengthen your organisation and win new clients. PLMR has worked with a wide range of professional services companies including law firms, recruitment specialists, and those from across the financial sector, to create award winning communications strategies and help our clients to stand out from the crowd.

Professional services companies have complex caseloads and customers who guard their privacy very closely. With years of experience, PLMR has become adept at using our clients’ expert knowledge to create great media opportunities without breaching client confidentiality. We have helped businesses to grow by establishing them as thought leaders in their field. We are always on the look-out for breaking news where an expert comment from a legal or financial expert would help to build the news story and enhance our client’s reputation. Professional services businesses have grown as a direct result of the media opportunities we have generated for them

A changing regulatory framework can have a dramatic impact on the profitability and even viability of professional services businesses. Our team of consultants, with years of experience drawn from across the political spectrum, can guide you through the legislative process and protect your business interests. We can set up meetings with the right politicians and civil servants and refine your policy asks. As an integrated agency offering a full range of communications services, PLMR can ensure that the way that you get your message across to political audiences is supported by the way you communicate with the wider public and your customers.

At PLMR our digital team is adept at driving traffic to your website and making the phone ring. A recent Google AdWords campaign that we ran for a major London law firm improved their online presence in a crowded marketplace, and led to a doubling of traffic to their website and a noticeable increase in inquiries from prospective new clients. Get in touch to find out more about how we can improve your search ranking, monitor your customer journey analytics and make sure people call you before they call your competitors.

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