Planning and Housing

Landowners and developers aiming to secure planning consent or a local plan allocation face a huge range of hurdles. One of the most significant of these is getting buy-in from local communities and politicians, yet this remains an area where some applicants continue to find themselves under-prepared and under-resourced, often with dire consequences.

Local communities are becoming increasingly influential within the planning process, whether directly through the implementation of Neighbourhood Plans, or indirectly through supporting, or more often opposing, development proposals. Similarly, local politicians may have a direct role in determining an application as members of the local authority’s planning committee, or in influencing its passage.

In this context, understanding the political and community landscape well in advance of submitting a planning application or seeking a plan allocation is a vital first step in delivering a site’s potential.  On this foundation, an engagement programme can be built to effectively promote proposals to those who will influence and determine its outcome.

For more than a decade, PLMR has successfully helped clients to understand and engage effectively with local politicians and communities to secure buy-in and consent. With the acquisition of Snapdragon Consulting, a planning and built environment specialist, we have significantly expanded our dedicated planning and housing sector team, as well as our geographic remit, with offices in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Cambridge and Chelmsford.

PLMR and Snapdragon offer expert advice and support, based on years of experience. We can help you to understand and navigate the local political and community landscape, identify and mobilise support, and deliver tailored stakeholder engagement programmes to maximise the potential to secure your consent or allocation at the earliest stage.

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