Energy and Environment

PLMR’s energy communications team works with a wide range of organisations in the sector, helping to develop campaigns, improve public awareness, and influence policy changes, whether this is for a new planning application, sustainable energy research and projects, or for commercial energy companies.

There are considerable challenges in the energy and sustainability sector, ranging from government accreditation and political support to public opinion on a local and national scale. PLMR has the experience, expertise and technical credentials to help our clients negotiate this landscape, and to achieve their goals.

Our specialist energy communications team advises multi-million-pound global energy innovators in their interactions with government, and devises and executes media strategies to help our clients secure the positive press coverage that supports their broader strategic objectives. No matter what your goals in the energy sector, we are able to provide the best possible support for your campaign.

We understand the debates and drivers for political and investment decisions and develop targeted, detailed strategies to communicate key messages. We have taken organisations from obscurity to widespread global coverage, successfully managed the announcement of large scale mergers in the energy sector, and been on hand to support our clients through moments of crisis.

PLMR’s expertise in obtaining planning permission is also invaluable to our clients. We offer practical guidance and deliver straightforward communications campaigns that energy developers need to successfully engage with local communities, stakeholders and decision-makers.

PLMR draws upon a specialist communications team that has worked for energy companies, the media, charities, Civil Service, political parties, campaigning NGOs, Parliament, and both PR and political lobbying consultancies – we bring this wealth of experience to bear to help our clients achieve the results they need.

To find out more about our energy communications services and how we can help you to reach your campaign objectives, contact us at or call 0207 622 9529