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We have the experience and expertise to help our clients in the energy sector to achieve their goals

Energy is one of the modern world’s most important challenges, and is a subject of near constant discussion by both the media and government.  PLMR has the experience, expertise and technical credentials to help clients in the energy sector negotiate this landscape to achieve their goals.

Our clients span the sector, and our experience includes working for some of Europe’s largest oil and natural gas producers, biomass power station developers, as well as a global leader in the supply of Plasma Arc systems to deal with hazardous waste.  We understand our clients’ needs and develop targeted, detailed strategies to communicate their key messages.

We are adept at both internal and external communications, and have successfully managed the announcement of large scale mergers.  We have experience arranging international media conferences that secure coverage around the world, as well as achieving carefully targeted coverage in the most relevant trade media.

PLMR’s in-depth planning knowledge is also invaluable to our clients seeking to utilise land in new, and often very innovative ways. We understand local government and can help companies to reach out to local communities to communicate the benefits of energy-related planning applications.

PLMR has worked across England and Scotland and draws upon a specialist team with expertise in front line politics, energy consultancy, journalism and environmental think tanks.


The Health Sector - Our Dedicated Team
PLMR is a leader in the health sector. The cross-company team of consultants who form our dedicated Health Team have gained decades of sector experience working on the full spectrum of communications support, from public affairs to crisis and reputation management, PR and digital support.
Health and Social Care
We have outstanding references from some of the biggest names in health and social care
Education & Skills
Our campaigning has helped change hundreds of children’s lives for the better
Property and Planning
We’ll help you to engage with the communities that matter
We are an ethical agency with a strong social conscience, providing advice and support for charities
We have the experience and expertise to help our clients in the energy sector to achieve their goals
Food, Drink and Retail
We help position our clients at the forefront of the debate on the politics of food
Biotechnology & Life Sciences
We have extensive experience of working with the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life sciences sector
Technology & Innovation
We allow you to navigate the complex political and regulatory environments successfully, whilst ensuring your message and brand identity shines through
Finance and the City of London
We help our clients maintain a high level of engagement with their key financial audiences
Animal Welfare
We work with a wide range of organisations, from regulatory bodies and professional associations to charities and individual companies
Sports and Leisure
Our sports and leisure communications experience has seen us get great results whether it’s public relations, political campaigns, media training or crisis management work
Transport and Infrastructure
Our advice and campaigning has secured the development of major transport infrastructure and helped clients navigate a heavily regulated sector.