Ieva Asnina

Senior Account Executive

Ieva joined PLMR in October 2018, working across media relations and public affairs. She provides support for client accounts across the environment, energy and health and social care sectors.

Before joining PLMR, she undertook a traineeship at the London-based European Parliament office where she worked as a press trainee. In this role, she was responsible for drafting press releases, the weekly newsletter and managing the news section of the UK’s European Parliament website. As part of the traineeship, she also briefly worked in Strasbourg, where she assisted in the European Youth Event.

Ieva graduated from the University of the Arts London with a first-class honours degree in journalism. She was the sub-editor and senior editor of the university’s magazine and website. In addition to this, she was a student lifestyle journalist for National Union of Students and a member of the Politics Society.