Senior Digital Executive

As a Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Abby provides digital services to a range of PLMR’s clients across numerous sectors whilst maintaining PLMR’s own social media presence.

Abby is an avid twitter user and has over 45,000 followers and a blue tick on the platform. She is most well-known for creating the tongue-in-cheek social media campaign #milifandom during the 2015 general election, a feat that earned her the title of a ‘face of 2015’ in The Observer.

Prior to joining PLMR, Abby worked as Communications and Media Officer at For Our Future’s Sake, the youth wing of the People’s Vote Campaign, and as a General Election Organiser for HOPE Not Hate. She has written for an extensive list of publications, which include: The Guardian, The Telegraph, New Statesman, and CNN. As well as providing her opinions on twitter, she has taken part in political discussion shows such as Newsnight and Victoria Derbyshire.

Abby graduated from the University of York with a degree in Social and Political sciences in 2019, where she was chair of the Labour Society.