PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: Indian Elections Special


PLMR are leaving Westminster behind this week, as they look at the impact the newly elected Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will have both in the UK and India itself.

Rob Comba is joined by one of India’s foremost PR experts, Dilip Cherian who gives his view on what the election results mean for businesses in India. Then British-born Anokhi Madhavji, tells us what Modi does is important for people in the UK too.

When Narendra Modi, from the Hindhu national party the BJP was elected, he backed business and promised plenty of change. Will he follow through on this?

Dilip says the Indian stock market is booming and confidence is equally as high.

What do the elections mean for the British-Indian relationship?

Dilip believes with Modi in charge, the UK and India could move even closer together.

As for the Indian community in the UK, do they even follow what happens in Indian politics?

Anokhi says many people send money home, so they have a vested interest.


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