PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 5th June 2015


What impact will the Scottish National Party have on Westminster politics?

Along with the Conservatives, the big winners from the recent General Election were, of course, the SNP.

As the party now has 56 seats in the House of Commons, it seems like we’re set to hear much more from Alex Salmond and the rest of the party, but just how loudly will their voices be heard?

To find out, we spoke to Michael-John de la Haye, a consultant at PLMR Scotland and a former adviser to the SNP in Holyrood and James Sloan, a political consultant for Dods.

We ask Michael what impact they will have?

Michael likens the party to a ‘toothless pitbull’ only looking to secure coverage in the Scottish press.

James doesn’t agree entirely – he said they could form an effective opposition to the Tories in voting against the government.

What policy areas will they likely focus on?

‘Austerity’ is what we’ll be hearing a lot about – and devolution as well, of course.

Some of the party’s MPs are new to the job, will it have an impact?

James says they still haven’t lost their ‘gloss’ despite being prominent for around 8 years.

Will they be pushing for a second independence referendum?

James isn’t so sure. He says the party are aware that 56% Scots voted against the referendum.

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