PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 28th August 2015


What are the other parties views on the Labour Leadership Election?

As Corbynmania sweeps the nation and people are clamouring to join the party, Emily Maister talks to a pair who would (probably) be barred from joining under the new Labour membership stipulations.

Nick Tyrone is the voice of the Liberal Democrats, Executive Director of CentreForum and renowned political commentator.
For more of his musings and affiliations look here: or here:

Chris Wilford ran in the 2015 election as the Conservative candidate for Poplar and Limehouse, and as the Conservative Mayoral candidate for Tower Hamlets in 2014.
For his thoughts and political activism look here:

In this week’s PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster we ask the Labour questions of those who have absolutely no say in the leadership contest.

Although both see Liz Kendall as being the most credible Labour leadership candidate, Chris admits to being a ‘scared fan’ of Corybn. Nick, on the other hand, condemns Corbyn as both ‘completely bonkers’ and ‘totally insane.’

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