PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 22nd May 2015


What will be in this year's Queen Speech?

On Wednesday 27th May, we’re set for the first Queen’s Speech of the new Tory government. It will be the moment we officially hear David Cameron’s agenda for this year and beyond.

To find out what will be included, Rob Comba spoke to Felicity Cooke from Dods, Elizabeth Bates from Politics Home and PLMR’s Leon Emirali.

Will the big thing in the Queen’s Speech be the EU referendum?

Liz says it will be – he’ll want to get it out of the way before moving on and defining his final term in parliament.

What else will be in?

According to Felicity, we’re expecting to hear about more powers for Scotland, an enterprise bill and a focus on rights to buy.

What will be part of the devolution bill?

Felicity says the most interesting aspect of it will be English votes for English laws, as this will help define the role the SNP will play over the course of the parliament.

Is this David Cameron’s way of trying to force through what we couldn’t in coalition?

Leon says it will be a ‘loud and proud’ Tory Queen’s Speech, as it’s their first since John Major was Prime Minister.

Two things that are being talked about are the repealing of the Human Rights Act and the Communications Bill. Will they make it?

Felicity and Liz think that these two areas are particularly divisive and if they are introduced next week, there will be significant opposition.

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