PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 1st May 2015


What will be the key issues for voters at the General Election?

Over the course of the election campaign we’ve been speaking to candidates and activists from different parties up and down the country.

This week we find out what they think the key issues for voters on polling day will be.

From the economy to affordable housing – it’s clear priorities change, depending on where you are in the UK.

We have collected soundbites from the following candidates and campaigners from different parties:

Jim Fitzpatrick, Labour candidate in Poplar and Limehouse

Jennifer Nadel, Green Party candidate in Westminster North

Dani Glazzard, Green Party candidate Cotham in Bristol (local election) and campaigner in Bristol West

Stephen Hammond, Conservative candidate in Wimbledon

Paul Oakley, UKIP candidate in Lewisham

Kevin Craig, Labour campaigner and local councillor in London (PLMR)

Andrew George, Liberal Democrat candidate in St Ives

Tom Hunt – Conservative campaigner and local councillor in Cambridgeshire

Steven Gauge, Liberal Democrat campaigner (PLMR)

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