PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 14th August 2015


Who will be leader of the Conservatives in 2020?

With David Cameron saying just before the General Election that he won’t serve a third term as Prime Minister, the door has been thrown wide open to a variety of potential successors.

Currently, the front runners (according to Conservative Home) are George Osborne, Sajid Javid, Boris Johnson and Theresa May.

Just because these are the leading candidates at the moment, it is of course not to say it can’t be someone else entirely. In fact, it might even be David Cameron again – talk is now emerging that he may U-turn on his original promise.

So, who will it be?

To find out, we speak to:

– Political commentator Alexandra Swann – who argues the case for Osborne
– PLMR’s Leon Emirali – who is backing Boris
– Oliver Cooper, a Conservative councillor in Hampstead, London, who thinks Cameron will serve a third term
– Henry Hill, Assistant Editor of Conservative Home, who says it’ll most likely be Sajid Javid
– And Patrick Sullivan, Chairman of the think tank, Parliament Street, who thinks it’ll be someone completely different

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