PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 10th April


With the General Election fast approaching, the way Scotland votes is being touted as one of the key areas which could change the shape of British politics for years to come.


Whether it’s the SNP entering into a coalition or the wipeout of the Labour Party in a former stronghold – the implications may be huge.

To find out what the country is likely to decide, PLMR’s Rob Comba spoke to James Sloan and Felicity Cooke, two Scottish political experts from Dods.

We ask:

Will Scotland have a big role to play in the election?

Felicity says Scotland will play a significant part in this election, certainly much more attention has been paid to the country since the referendum.

Will the SNP enter a coalition?

James says the SNP have made a few mistakes before they’ve even started by promising not to enter a formal coalition with the Tories. However, he wouldn’t rule out seeing any backroom deals being made further down the line.

What about the SNP and Labour?

According to Felicity, Labour are the SNP’s most likely ‘bedfellows’ of all Westminster parties, although Nicola Sturgeon’s demands for full fiscal autonomy within a year may make a difficult bartering position.

Will the election mark the wipeout of Labour in Scotland?

James makes a bold statement by saying they will be the biggest party in Scotland.

Felicity isn’t quite so sure – she points towards the loss of momentum following the referendum campaign as a reason for voters to move away from Labour.

So is Scotland more important this year than in previous elections?

It’s a resounding yes from James – he says it could be the end of Labour in Scotland, especially if they don’t hold onto 20 seats.


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