PLMR poll shows Theresa May is three times more popular than Yvette Cooper for PM |

Ros Trinick

PLMR has released a new poll, conducted by ComRes, showing Theresa May as the female leader that the public would most like to see occupy No 10.

When the public were asked which female MP they would most like to see as Prime Minister, Theresa May overwhelmingly outpolled other leading figures. The Home Secretary secured more than three times as many votes as her shadow counterpart Yvette Cooper. However, two thirds (64%) of British adults said they don’t know who of the six female MPs listed they most wanted to become Prime Minister.

Ros Trinick, Associate Director at PLMR, said:

“Just three weeks after Theresa May surged ahead of Boris Johnson as the Conservatives’ favourite to succeed David Cameron, this poll has proved she’s also the most likely candidate to be the next female Prime Minister according to the public.

The Home Secretary is building a strong reputation for herself and is also securing support in places such as Scotland, Wales and the North, where the Tories traditionally suffer. Following a tough stance on immigration and the Police Federation, are the public hoping to see Theresa May become the next Iron Lady at number 10?”

Complete poll results available here
ComRes Poll Digest available here

PLMR Poll - Preferred female MPs for Prime Minister including Don't Know
PLMR Poll - Top preferred female MPs for Prime Minister

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