Kevin Craig MD Quoted in the FT – Lessons In Political Correctness

Kevin Craig

As I’m sure many readers will have seen in this morning’s FT, Select Committee appearances can be extremely stressful for executives and one awkward question can break reputations, both individual and corporate, in a matter of moments.

Read today’s Financial Times for a great piece by Kiran Stacey, quoting Kevin Craig – working with a company such as PLMR can maximise your piece of mind and turn a Select Committee appearance into an opportunity, not only for a positive profiling for individuals, but for effective communication of a sector’s key messages to audiences within and outside Parliament.
As Kevin is quoted in the article;

In response, an industry has grown to protect these bosses and their reputations. Executives are now turning to professional political consultants to ask them to pr for appearances that have the potential to make or break their careers. More than 60 agencies advise thousands of organisations in the UK alone, and clients can range from major banks to rugby clubs. Kevin Craig, managing director of PLMR, one of these agencies, describes it as “a very significant sector right now”.

To view online, click on the following link to the article in the Financial Times (behind paywall).

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