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Call us. We can help. PLMR is a full-spectrum communications company, with huge experience in crisis communications. Media training forms part of any good crisis communications plan, but you may need advice on effective messaging first.

Send us an email at any time of day or night to, and we’ll get back you as soon as possible, or call 020 7622 9529 during working hours.

Media training helps you prepare to engage with the media, so you get the most from precious media opportunities.   

Our highly interactive media training sessions have a focus on ‘learning through doing’. Participants are given realistic interview scenarios to prepare for. They’re helped to refine their messaging into clear, concise and memorable soundbites.

Participants are then interviewed by a former journalist, on camera. Once the interview is complete, their performance is reviewed, line by line, in the safety of a private training room, with feedback from PLMR’s media training experts.

We’ll show you the best way to prepare for an interview. We’ll teach you the techniques that can help you stay on message, more of the time. We’ll show you how to steer clear of potential pitfalls.

  • Getting a presentation just right can be difficult. Whether it’s a promotional speech, or an address that makes the case for change, or delivering important data in a PowerPoint, we have the expertise to make what you say engaging, effective and memorable.

Our course focuses on the content of your speech, and the delivery of your speech. We’ll help you with writing, ideas and storytelling. We’ll show you how to beat nerves, stay calm under pressure, and project passion and confidence.

We can help you prepare for;

  • External presentations to multiple, diverse audiences
  • Internal presentations to employees, to explain change or to reassure

Conference speeches

For a detailed view of our syllabus, and how we can adapt it to your needs, please contact us at, or call 020 7622 9529.

Opportunities to engage with the media are precious. It takes skill and experience to get the most from interactions with journalists and news organisations. PLMR’s media training will help you communicate successfully in the media.

We offer a programme of communications training and support that will help your spokespeople connect with their audiences, deliver their key messages and deal effectively with contentious issues.

We help our media training participants understand the different demands of each interview or presentation scenario. We help them refine their messaging and unlock their best content.

We can help you prepare for;

Interviews with journalists from newspapers, online news outlets and bloggers

  • Interviews with journalists and presenters from radio stations, and podcasters
  • Broadcast interviews on television news channels, whether in a studio, on location, or contributing from a remote studio
  • External presentations to key stakeholders
  • Internal presentations to employees

 Many participants in our media trainmign courses say their confidence is boosted by the chance to practice interviews on camera, in a safe space. Even if they’re preparing for radio or newspaper interviews, the opportunity to record their words helps them focus on the best ways to deliver their key messages.

For clients with a communciations crisis, the chance to road-test their communications strategy is extremely valuable. They often say that being interviewed by a former BBC News journalist provides an extremely realistic situation from which they can learn.

Our media training and presentation programmes are led by Mike Ramsden, a former BBC News presenter and reporter. Mike worked for BBC News for 18 years, during which time he interviewed more than 4,000 people on radio and television, often in a live setting. He’s followed the stories that decided a dozen local elections, six general elections and two London Mayoral elections, presenting the London part of The Politics Show on BBC1, BBC London News, and Newsbeat on BBC Radio 1. His experience helps our media training participants gain confidence in interviews, and prepares them for when the questioning gets tough.

Mike is now the Director of Film, Digital & Design at communications agency PLMR. He’s prepared dozens of people for media interviews, from groups of charity volunteers to the chief executives of banks.

We have three courses on offer;

Media training for individuals

This training session allows individuals, for example chief executives, one-to-one training in a private training environment, allowing them the space and security to practice new messaging strategies, and refine their skills in a safe space. They may want to train for a specific media engagement, or simply practice their skills and refresh their learning. They will get at least three opportunities to prepare and deliver interviews in roleplay situations. Please contact us on 020 7622 9529 or by emailing for details of pricing.

Media training for small groups, of up to four people

The session is aimed at people from the same organisation, or with a shared interest. It might be a senior leadership team, a number of spokespeople, or a group of volunteers. We often prepare groups well in advance of any specific media engagements, so they’re prepared for any eventuality. Each person will get at least two opportunities to prepare and deliver interviews, in tailored roleplay situations. Please contact us on 020 7622 9529 or by emailing for details of pricing.

Media Training Essentials

These courses, run on a specific date publicised in advance, or for people who want to understand how to engage with the media, understand what journalists are looking for, and to put some interview techniques into practice. Attendees are from a variety of organisations, and may be looking to learn the essential elements of effective engagement with the media. It might be their first experience of media training, or a refresher course. Each participant will get the opportunity to prepare and take part in an on-camera interview. The course costs £495 + VAT for each participant.

Our upcoming courses include;

Media Training Essentials – London, Tuesday April 30th 2019

Media Training Essentials – Norwich, Wednesday 15th May 2019