When TfL announced they would be trialling roof-top digital advertising on London’s taxis, one of the leading taxi advertising companies were surprised not to be included in the trial. PLMR deployed a highly targeted and intensive lobbying campaign to secure their inclusion in this business-critical trial.

Our approach
With two companies already selected for the trial process, the odds were stacked against Ubiquitous’ inclusion. Once approached, PLMR quickly moved to establish contact with senior figures at TfL to discuss the benefits of opening the trial to a wider number of providers.

We quickly, but comprehensively, researched TfL’s trial methodology and worked closely with a leading competition law firm to ensure that Ubiquitous were covered and fully briefed in the case of each possible eventuality.

PLMR identified the key decision-makers within TfL and carefully crafted core messages on behalf of Ubiquitous to fully convey their credentials for inclusion in the trial. We recognised that Ubiquitous was a leading player in taxi advertising and enjoyed a good reputation within TfL. As such, we created several documents highlighting how a competitive trial process would improve the system for all concerned stakeholders including TfL, taxi-drivers and passengers.

After just one week of PLMR-facilitated discussions, Ubiquitous successfully joined the TfL trial and have taken on new clients who are keen to be involved in this cutting-edge advertising technology.

Ubiquitous taxi ad campaign