The Thomas Pocklington Trust wanted to show the variety of services and support they provide for people with sight loss. The charity wants Local Vision Strategies adopted by local authorities and other service providers, to increase the number of people helped by their expertise. They needed a way of delivering their messages quickly and effectively, to a wide audience.

Our approach 
PLMR suggested a video which showed the ways in which the trust touched the lives of people with sight loss, by letting those service users explain their own stories – effectively, first-hand testimony supporting the charity’s work. This was combined with tightly-scripted messages from the Chief Executive of the organisation.

PLMR’s Head of Broadcast, Mike Ramsden used his experience in storyboarding, filming and editing news reports for BBC News to create a dynamic and engaging corporate video for the trust. It uses bespoke music, graphics, interviews and voiceover to tell the story of the trust’s expanding remit. The whole video, from concept to completion, was produced in-house at PLMR.

Once approved by the charity’s senior leadership, a branded YouTube channel was created, to host their videos. The video was uploaded and tagged with relevant wording, designed to improve its visibility on Google. YouTube is the second-biggest search engine in the UK after Google, and is owned by them, so a presence there is vital.

The video explains the Thomas Pocklington Trust’s work in an accessible and engaging way.

Subsequently, Thomas Pocklington Trust asked PLMR to create a record of a one-day conference about the Local Vision Strategy. The video was edited and uploaded to YouTube within 24 hours, and included in an information pack sent to all attendees shortly after the conference