Whether your organisation has been summoned to give evidence, or you’ve been selected as an expert witness, appearing before a Parliamentary Select Committee can be a challenging but highly rewarding experience. With hearings regularly reported in the national media, and with the rise of more powerful and influential Committees and Chairpersons, it has never been more important to be properly prepared.

PLMR has a proven track record of preparing individuals ahead of Select Committee appearances. We’ve worked with a range of organisations, from big businesses to charities, preparing witnesses for appearances before major Parliamentary Select Committee. Whether it is being equipped to handle a highly pressurised, critical enquiry, or having the skills and confidence to persuasively present the objectives of your organisation, PLMR’s Select Committee training programme will ensure you are fully prepared.

Recently, we worked with Combat Stress, the Veterans’ mental health charity, preparing their Director to appear before the Defence Select Committee. The enquiry, on military casualties, gave Combat Stress the opportunity to highlight the plight of Veterans with mental illness and the life changing treatment and support that the charity provides.

To thoroughly prepare them for this opportunity we:

  • Dedicated significant time to planning and tailoring all aspects of the session to the specific needs of the client;
  • Conducted in-depth research into the subject of the Committee’s Inquiry, the Committee members and their questioning styles, as well as other witnesses appearing in the same session;
  • Prepared a raft of mock questions based on likely issues which would be raised at the hearing. We also preparing ideal responses to ensure our client’s key messaging was woven into the session;
  • Hosted a realistic simulation session, with panel style questioning undertaken by senior PLMR consultants, representing all three parties, to enable the client to practise and ensure they would maximise their impact within the limited time frame and communicate their ke messages. The session was video recorded and analysed on the day;
  • Provided expert feedback and tips on how to present a strong cohesive message whilst under pressure;
  • Prepared a ‘take-home’ pack with further tips, research, and background information as well as video recordings of the practice sessions.