When Interxion’s plan to develop a large data-centre in a Conservation area of Tower Hamlets was refused, they turned to PLMR to help them secure planning permission.

Our approach
The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is a notoriously difficult place to secure planning consent with one of the most complex political landscapes in the country.  PLMR worked with Interxion and the wider project team to develop a consultation programme to support the new planning application which was sensitive to the area’s diverse community.

PLMR and Interxion’s communications strategy emphasised the advantages the proposed data centre would bring to the local community, local politicians, local economy and London’s growing ‘e-economy’.  Throughout the application process, PLMR undertook relationship building and ongoing liaison with a number of key local interest groups including Futureversity and the Spitalfields Society.

The campaign generated a broad base of support for the scheme with letters of endorsement from local residents and community groups.  Testimonials of support for the development were secured from businesses and political advocates including the Mayor of London, the Minister for Culture, Communication and Creative industries, the local London Assembly Member, UKTI and the Tech City Investment Organisation.

No objectors registered to speak when the planning application went before Tower Hamlets’ Development Committee and Councillors were united in their decision to grant planning permission.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London
“The commitment shown by Interxion is yet another ringing endorsement of the confidence that leading tech firms have in our city as a great place to expand their businesses, creating jobs and boosting our digital infrastructure in the process.

Importantly, the state-of-the-art data centre they are bringing to Brick Lane will enable other sectors of the capital’s economy, such as financial services and retail, to reap huge benefits as well.

This is another strong to Tech City’s bow as it continues to cement its reputation as one of the world’s premier digital innovation hubs.”

Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communication and Creative Industries
“This is further proof that Tech City is growing into a world-leading technology centre and I welcome the news that Interxion is proceeding with its £120 million new data centre.

“This fantastic investment will create jobs and highlights the contribution that this dynamic sector continues to make towards generating economic growth.”

PLMR Case Study - Interxion - planning consent for a data centre