PLMR supports DHL’s public affairs team to engage with the highest levels of government and to effectively articulate the position of the business on various government policies, including its Air Quality Plan, the Apprenticeship Levy and the protection of workers’ rights. PLMR supports DHL’s in-house public affairs team by providing high-level monitoring, intelligence and advice, as well as drafting briefings and consultation responses on their behalf.

The Air Quality Plan, in particular, proved a complex issue to track given the Government’s ‘flip-flopping’ on dates for its publication, as well as its contents, and the case brought against the Government in the High Court. Our consultants proved integral to DHL’s ability to effectively predict the contents of the Air Quality Plan by engaging with civil servants in the DfT and Defra and through daily monitoring. This enabled DHL to make the necessary assessments of the impact it would have on their vehicle fleet and respond accordingly. Our consultants also assisted the public affairs team in ensuring they were able to adequately brief their internal clients and had a tangible contribution to business planning.