PLMR helped Combat Stress to mark its 95th anniversary by securing hundreds of pieces of national and regional media coverage, including a front page exclusive with the Guardian, and placing Combat Stress spokespeople on various national radio and TV programmes.

To increase online awareness, PLMR planned and managed additional social media promotion which reached over 20 million people.

Our approach
PLMR designed, launched and managed Combat Stress’s first Thunderclap – a social media tool which allowed a single message to be shared on social networks by all supporters at the same time on the same day.
Our social media strategy of targeted promotion and engagement with high profile accounts as well as relevant policy makers, journalists and even politicians ensured that we exceeded our target, and in only a few days managed to attract over 400 supporters.

The Thunderclap successfully raised the profile of Combat Stress and of the 95th Anniversary.

Thanks to the extensive media coverage which PLMR secured, which was tweeted by media outlets, there were thousands of mentions of Combat Stress on Twitter with an exposure of over 20.4 million impressions.

The marking of the 95th Anniversary also significantly increased Combat Stress’s social media presence by attracting an additional 1 667 new Facebook Likes and 372 new Twitter Followers.