PLMR helped the Bingo Association to launch the ‘Boost Bingo’ campaign, which successfully lobbied for the tax on bingo clubs to be cut in the 2014 Budget.

Social media was crucial in helping to raise the public profile of the campaign and getting a variety of stakeholder and players on board.
Our campaign reached over 2 million people in total.

Our approach
PLMR created a social media strategy, targeting relevant organisations, businesses and high profile figures. We tweeted directly at high profile supporters such as MPs, and engaged with the target audience through a variety of channels to make sure that their public support was promoted as much as possible.

PLMR tweeted and posted campaign-relevant news several times a day, throughout the campaign, and managed online engagement by monitoring and replying to comments. Ensuring that we monitor and coordinate our campaign efforts with bingo clubs across the country meant that bingo players were able to be fully involved in the campaign.

Our Boost Bingo videos, which we produced in-house, were extremely effective in explaining and promoting the key messages of the campaign:

We also created original content including photo and picture graphics to ensure maximum organic reach of our posts.

The main social media campaign ran for only 3 months, during which time over 1 350 tweets were sent and over 200 original Facebook posts posted, reaching an estimated 1 730 000 Twitter users and 555 000 Facebook fans, adding up to a total social media reach of at least 2 285 000 people.

Our Boost Bingo social media efforts ensure that the campaign was seen and heard by the public and decision makers across the country.

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