What Makes a Good Care Home Website Design?


Real Life Photography

When it comes to designing marketing materials for care homes, one of the most important things to encapsulate is the life and daily activities of the residents. The target audience will always most likely be family of the residents, so bringing life, warmth and happiness to the design is crucial to make them feel comfortable in their position. Photography of the residents (with permission) is a great way to do this and adds a personal touch.

An Easy and Simple Layout

Choosing a care home for your loved one can be an extensive and daunting process, so the last thing you need is a website that is over complicated and difficult to navigate. Using clean, simple layouts, icons/illustrations for links and legible web safe fonts such as Helvetica, Montserrat and Open Sans are ways to help with this, and make the web browsing experience more accessible for the user.

Colour Scheme

While colour scheme largely depends on the brand of the care home, common reoccurring colours are oranges, greens, tans and blues. Colours that evoke a sense of comfort, calm and safety are the best options to go with.

Most importantly, it’s vital that your website complies with all necessary regulation from the CQC to the CMA.

For more information on what PLMR can do for your care home website, email us at info@plmr.digital

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