Updates on the Government’s COVID communications after my Sky News interview

Kevin Craig

Yesterday afternoon on Sky News, I made a number of comments about the current surge in cases of Coronavirus in the UK, and specifically Government Communications. I said that the Prime Minister needed to be more visible. I said their needed to be clearer, harder and more instructive messaging from the British Government. I said the Daily Press Briefings were a loss.

Since that interview which can be found here, there has been new instruction issued – banning gatherings of more than 6 people in England – and in addition, it is confirmed that the Prime Minister will make a public statement at 4 PM.

The remaining task in hand for him today is to paint a vivid picture of the situation we will face if people don’t change their behaviour, and to point us towards where we might get to, if Brits, of all ages, continue to follow social distancing, caution around elders and the vulnerable, and hand washing. Let’s see what happens.

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