PLMR’s Kevin Craig on Global News Channel Al Jazeera

This weekend, Al Jazeera English ran a feature on Brexit looking specifically at the reputational crisis that Britain faces in the wake of what has been seen by many as a “baffling act of economic self-sabotage” as the government looks ready to implode.

The piece, featuring comments from people around the world effectively asks the question “What happened to this wonderful country?” and how Brexit has damaged “Brand Britain”.

PLMR’s CEO, Kevin Craig was asked how the British public are dealing with the crisis and how they see their government reflected in the eyes of the world:

“People will not ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ for much longer. They want certainty, a clear sense of direction, a leader, and a team around him or her that convey a future with optimism and clarity”.

You can watch the full feature below.

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