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The PM in Saudi Arabia: Power dressing or window dressing?
Emerging from her jet with no official regalia, power shoulder pads or most significantly, headscarf, Theresa May looked every inch...
By Jo-Anne Nadler
Heathrow: An Early Test of Theresa May’s Brexit Credentials
Heathrow: An Early Test of Theresa May’s Brexit Credentials
By Hugo Forshaw
Summary of Scottish First Minister Questions - 10/11/16
Summary of Scottish First Minister Questions - - 10/11/16
By Robin Dyet
What the Establishment failed to address – and what we can learn from it
PLMR’s Senior Account Director Danny Wilding is a seasoned political commentator. In this blog he looks at the mistakes...
By Danny Wilding
Trump and UK Politics
Reams will be written about the unprecedented election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. This blog considers...
By Joe Mitton
PLMR’s CEO Kevin Craig discusses the US Presidential Election
PLMR Founder and CEO Kevin Craig, who has previously worked in Washington advising US companies on British Political Lobbying, talking...
By Kevin Craig
The Week Ahead in Holyrood - 25th October
The Week Ahead in Holyrood - 25th October
By Robin Dyet
A Herculean Task for Government
PLMR's Joe Mitton discusses the numerous difficulties for the Government in delivering Brexit
By Joe Mitton
Scotland’s European Future: The Reverse Greenland option
What are Scotland's option in a post-Brexit Britain?
By Joseph McGregor
PLMR considers the impact of Britain voting to leave the European Union
By plmradmin
David Miliband: Why Britain Must Remain In The EU
David Miliband, known in some circles as Labour’s prodigal son, today made the case for Britain remaining in the...
By Stefanie Lehmann
Scottish Independence Day: Economic woe or fiscal freedom?
PLMR Scotland's Robin Dyet looks at the Independence Day that could have been for Scotland
By Robin Dyet
Saturday 14th November: A special moment that I’ll carry with me forever…
PLMR's Anokhi Madhavji on meeting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
By Anokhi Madhavji
Argentina votes
PLMR's Nick Albrow gives the view from Buenos Aires
By Nick Albrow
Top Five Predictions for Politics in the Future
In honour of #BackToTheFuture Day, we rundown our Top 5 Predictions for Politics in 2045
By Poppy Terry
The migrant crisis, the media and EU membership
PLMR's Sarah Clarke on how the recent migrant crisis will affect Britain's view of Europe
By Sarah Clarke
Reading between the lines
Why words matter in the EU referendum
By Emily Maister
Is a solution in sight for Cyprus?
On 20th July 1974, the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus was invaded by thousands of Turkish troops after last-minute talks in...
By Leon Emirali
Labour’s Manifesto: The battle for fiscal credibility
This morning’s Labour manifesto launch contained all of the predictable pledges: a raise in the national minimum wage to £8...
By Danny Wilding
US-Cuba deal: A tearing down of the ‘Berlin Wall’ moment?
As the world reacts to news of President Obama’s commitment to normalising relations with Cuba, how are the two...
By Paul Gough
Brazil’s Presidential elections and the political upheaval that never was
One of the world’s biggest economies recently went to the polls, and was expecting a political earthquake. But in...
By Antonio Dorileo
EU reform – easier said than done
David Cameron shouldn’t underestimate the difficulty of reforming the EU – it could lead to the UK leaving.
By Natalia Marczewska
Boris in Parliament? Good news for London’s businesses
The Mayor of London Boris Johnson confirmed today that he will “probably” seek a return to parliament as an MP...
By Leon Emirali
Three reasons why Juncker’s appointment is not all bad news for Cameron
Papers are calling it an unprecedented and humiliating defeat, but was David Cameron right in saying that this was just...
By Natalia Marczewska