Snapdragon at PLMR selected to attend BPF Futures Challenge


Regenerating the UK’s ailing high streets is always at the high up on the agenda for most politicians – at local, regional and national levels. But there is little agreement on the best way to do this.

From introducing resi to promoting evening uses, there is little agreement on the best way ahead. In the grand tradition of large problems which need radical ideas, very little of substance has actually happened.

And most importantly, it will be important to make sure that local people have their voices heard when forming these solutions. Changing our high streets won’t be effective unless the changes work for the people who use them.

That’s why Snapdragon at PLMR has been selected to attend this year’s BPF Futures Challenge, which is focused on new ways to invigorate the high street. The winners of the challenge will see their idea piloted through the government’s One Public Estate programme, with a £100,000 package of support to help turn their vision into reality.

With our expertise on consultation and engaging local people, we are confident that we can bring solutions which will work for the people who use our high streets.

More information on the challenge can be found here.

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