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PLMR Partners With the OECD and EPI to Launch World Early Years Report
Today’s reports from the OECD and the Education Policy Institute, launched in partnership with PLMR, set out a comparison...
By Ollie Lane
The Future of Education in Scotland
The Future of Education in Scotland
By Emma Divers
Singapore Comes Top In Global Education Survey
Singapore Comes Top In Global Education Survey
By Becky Moles
Sadiq Khan Announces New Living Wage Rate
Sadiq Khan Announces New Living Wage Rate
By Francesca Dobson
Reputation matters: How to do PR as a school
Issues management should be as much a part of forward planning in schools and trusts as the annual prospectus, says...
By Elin de Zoete
Focusing on those furthest from the ‘level playing field’
PLMR's Becky Moles on the Education Secretary's speech to Conservative Party Conference
By Becky Moles
Theresa May’s Education Meritocracy: Grammar School Speech Digested
PLMR's Managing Director, Elin de Zoete, shares her thoughts on the Prime Minister's proposals for education reform.
By Elin de Zoete
Has Ofsted turned the tide?
Sir Michael Wilshaw, Chief Inspector of Schools and Head of Ofsted, has been under siege for much of the last...
By Ollie Lane
Meet the new Education Select Committee Chair
Ollie Lane discusses Neil Carmichael's recent appointment
By Ollie Lane
Nicky Morgan’s free schools speech – taking the driving seat
Nicky Morgan today made her first speech following the Tories’ General Election victory and her re-appointment as Secretary of State...
By Nick Albrow
How digital exclusion could lead to social exclusion
The government needs to work in partnership with the private sector to invest in basic digital skills and prepare all...
By Natalia Marczewska
World Book Day 2015: The reading habits of a PR agency
It’s World Book Day 2015 – a worldwide celebration of books and reading. Here's what the PLMR Team are reading and...
By Mike Ramsden
Looking at the challenges and opportunities for Scotland’s higher education sector
What's the current landscape for universities north of the border?
By Lynn McMath
Is this the most important person in education?
Professor Alison Wolf’s credentials, connections and credibility are unrivalled: Reforms introduced on her advice will directly raise the employability...
By Ollie Lane
Closing the gap earlier – school for two year olds?
Should schools be involved in nursery provision?
By Becky Moles
Has anything really changed post-Gove?
One hears a lot about the so-called dividing lines between political parties - what the policy differences are on the...
By Ollie Lane
A-level results day and the state of the sector
As students discover their A-level results today, what challenges are they facing with their step into higher education?
By John Gusman
A helping hand: why schools should engage with third parties
The relentless drive for greater school autonomy has meant enormous upheaval in the UK’s education landscape over the last...
By Tim Knight
What does the classroom of the future look like?
Here are two very different views of the classroom of the future, both offering something new and different to pupils,...
By Mike Ramsden
Growing the electorate - why are young people not voting?
This weekend, candidates in the upcoming European and local elections pounded the pavements and knocked on doors, asking people to...
By Zoe Chadwick
A Tribute to Education
The education debate, along with health and the economy, tends to be one of the most emotive subjects facing British...
By Zara Rubin
Easy as 1, 2, 3 (4, 5, 6…)
On 29 January, Children’s Minister Liz Truss announced that she would be increasing the ratio of children to childminders. For...
By Lauren Milden