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Meet Eddie
He’s a 15 year old on work experience, currently manning the Twitter account of one of the most hated companies...
By Alex Hackett
How the Scottish Government is Addressing the Gender Pay Gap
How the Scottish Government is Addressing the Gender Pay Gap
By Emma Divers
How to ‘PR’ your brand the right way in 2017
How to ‘PR’ your brand the right way in 2017
By Anokhi Madhavji
An Early Election? Possible But Not Probable.
An Early Election? Possible But Not Probable.
By Joe Mitton
What Labour can learn from the Tories’ Digital Strategy
As Labour embrace a new digital future, PLMR's Senior Digital Executive Alex Hackett discusses what made the Conservatives so successful...
By Alex Hackett
London Technology Week 2016 – Bigger, but is it bubbling?
The third London Tech Week (20-26 June 2016) is bigger than ever
By Joe Mitton
#DebateTech, the new frontier in the London 2016 Mayoral Election
Uche Graves gives his report from the London Mayoralty Debate on London Tech
By Uche Graves
How to TalkTalk your way out of a crisis in 6 simple steps
PLMR's Tim Knight on the crisis engulfing TalkTalk and how your business can learn from what they've got right
By Tim Knight
London’s Taxi Wars
The High Court ruling on the Uber taxi app
By Ros Trinick
The migrant crisis, the media and EU membership
PLMR's Sarah Clarke on how the recent migrant crisis will affect Britain's view of Europe
By Sarah Clarke
Is Apple’s bubble beginning to burst?
Fifteen years into the new century and Apple continues to dominate the market, but some analysts claim its star is...
By Rhiannon Evans-Young
How a missed PR opportunity can become a media disaster
A big news story like today’s strike can be a great opportunity to promote your brand – but it can...
By Francesca Dobson
Why political campaigns need videos
Mike Ramsden on why having a short film is so important to modern political campaigning
By Mike Ramsden
In Search of Unicorns: The Launch of London Technology Week
What have mythical beasts got to do with the future of the London economy?
By James Ford
PLMR’s Queen’s Speech Analysis: Technology
With the Conservatives at the helm, the UK’s tech sector is set to flourish over the next five years.
By Rhiannon Evans-Young
How digital exclusion could lead to social exclusion
The government needs to work in partnership with the private sector to invest in basic digital skills and prepare all...
By Natalia Marczewska
A Tale of Two (Tech) Cities
Two conflicting narratives are emerging from London’s Tech Cluster
By James Ford
5 ways to prepare for a social media crisis
If your organisation hasn’t had to deal with a social media crisis yet – you still have time to prepare...
By Natalia Marczewska
How much money should your organisation be spending on social media?
The importance of integrating social media into an organisation's communication and marketing mix is no longer possible to ignore. But...
By Natalia Marczewska
Will 2015 be a digital election?
In the last three years all three main parties have invested more in digital communications, but will we see traditional...
By Natalia Marczewska
3 reasons why online video is good for PR campaigns
How can online video help your PR campaign?
By Mike Ramsden
What does the classroom of the future look like?
Here are two very different views of the classroom of the future, both offering something new and different to pupils,...
By Mike Ramsden
Nick v Nigel: Round 2 - It’s a knockout!
Nigel Farage delivers a knockout blow to Nick Clegg and wins the Euro debate on popular opinion, but this shouldn...
By Aurora Horwood