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Shuffling the Pack: The Conservative Reshuffle
The Conservative reshuffle was probably the least eventful of all last week’s line-up changes.
By James Ford
UKIP Voters: a Fruitful Endeavour for the Conservatives?
For many months now, there has been increasing commentary on Conservatives worried about supporters who may have jumped ship to...
By Antonio Dorileo
Rewriting History: The House of Commons and Intervention in Syria
"I tell them that you said it, they believe that you said it. They don't really believe you said it,...
By Charlie Cadywould
Europe, Europe will tear them apart, again.
David Cameron must have been feeling rather satisfied on the night before his big speech on Europe, indeed one of...
By Antonio Dorileo
The politics of the plebiscite
A few weeks ago I posted a series of predictions for the next two and a half years in politics.
By Charlie Cadywould
What does David Cameron’s EU Speech mean for Scotland?
David Cameron’s speech on Britain’s relationship with the European Union will be one for the history books, remembered...
By Antonio Dorileo
PLMR’s Review of 2012
It's that time of year again when everyone starts thinking about the past 12 months and what stories and events sum...
By Nathan Hollow
Never Leaving A Soldier Behind
Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced a £50 million pot for the commemoration of the centenary of the start of First...
By Danny Wilding
Dispatches from the (Vote Blue, Go) Green Zone
One of the most striking aspects of Party Conferences in big city centres these days is the Green Zone-style security:...
By Chris Calland
Conservative Party Conference – A Tale of Two Leaders
Guest blog from James Ford, a former aide to Mayor of London Boris Johnson (2010-12)
By James Ford
Musical Chairs: What ‘reshuffle season’ could hold
As Parliament returns from its month and a half long recess, many of the conversations on the terrace or in...
By Nathan Hollow
Corby: All Eyes on Ed
As Ed Miliband gears up to launch the Corby by-election campaign with candidate Andy Sawford this afternoon, all eyes will...
By Elin de Zoete
A Tentative Green Light for Low Carbon Investment
As summer finally arrives in London, the heat seems to have affected some more than others. Namely, the Chancellor of...
By Jessica Bridgman
Did Cameron achieve what he wanted at the Conservative Party Conference?
Despite the drama of Liam Fox’s resignation, which will soon be a forgotten story (a week is a long...
By Lisa Bailey
Normal service is resumed
The dust has settled, quite literally, on the English cities that experienced rioting over the last week. However, we are...
By Tim Knight
From London and Proud
London is the beacon city for diversity. We celebrate young and old and welcome cultures from all over the globe....
By Rukayah Sarumi
Happy Anniversary Mr Speaker!
Yesterday marked the second anniversary John Bercow’s election as Speaker of the House of Commons, an event which, as...
By Kevin Craig
Will the Coalition Stay the Course – I am for the first time not so sure
I am increasingly revisiting my, hitherto cast iron, certainty on whether the Coalition will make it until the end of...
By Kevin Craig
The AV campaigns: Politicking at its worst
Despite promises to “fix our broken political system” in the wake of the expenses scandal, the conduct of the respective...
By Tim Knight