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World Book Day 2016 - What are PLMR reading?

World Book Day 2016 - What are PLMR reading?

It’s World Book Day 2016! – a worldwide celebration of books and reading. Here's what the PLMR Team are reading and what we think of the books so far!

As per tradition, here’s what the PLMR team are reading this World Book Day! Once again it’s an interesting mix of fiction and factual, modern works and all-time classics. Let us know what we should read next in the comments below.

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Alex Hackett

Digital Marketing Manager

As PLMR's Digital Manager, Alex is responsible for managing all of PLMR's digital communications activities. His role involves online campaigning, strategic planning of content, the creation of new websites and online media profiles and the management of any and all digital advertising run by our clients. He also provides internal and external digital training as well advice...

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