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Top PLMR Blogs of 2014

Top PLMR Blogs of 2014
In 2014 we published over 100 PLMR blogs, here are our top 12 most read entries – one from every month.

In addition to our analytical reports on major political developments (you can sign up here to receive our analysis by email) and weekly “Week Ahead in Westminster” podcasts, we aim to publish at least one new blog each week as it allows us to share our insights and personal opinions on topics we care about.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy writing them as we have plenty more planned for 2015!

January : “It’s Questions to the Prime Minister, not a Punch and Judy show”

February : Why is talking about mental health still a taboo?

March: How did bingo make it into the budget?

April : 3 reasons why online video is good for PR campaigns

May: The establishment under siege: Interpreting and tackling the rise of Ukip

June: A helping hand: why schools should engage with third parties

July: How much money should your organisation be spending on social media?

August: Who decides what’s built in your community?

September: Boris: Prime Minister by Monday?

October: Has anything really changed post-Gove?

November: New SNP leader, same fight for power in Scotland

December: Quality as well as Quantity for Dementia Diagnosis and Care

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