Top Five Predictions for Politics in the Future


In honour of #BackToTheFuture Day, we rundown our Top 5 Predictions for Politics in 2045

October 21st, 2015: The date Back to the Future fans have been waiting for ever since Doc Smith announced to Marty McFly that he had seen the future, and it was filled with hover boards, flying cars and expensive Pepsi.

But as of tomorrow, Back to the Future II will be a film about the past and fans of the time-travelling trilogy have been using these precious 24 hours to celebrate the film’s futuristic predictions, and check their accuracy…

Even the Prime Minister joined in the fun, cracking a cringey time-travel joke at today’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

So in our own political homage to the day, PLMR have devised our Top 5 political predictions for 30 years hence.

In the year 2045:

1.    Mhairi Black is elected President of the Independent Scottish Republic

after 14 attempts, the SNP finally gets the result it wants

2.    The new Prime Minister is another former member of the Bullingdon Club, continuing a tradition stretching back to 2010

And with the Tories set to be in government until approximately 2085, it is decreed that all Prime Ministers must now be an alumnus of the exclusive, Cabinet Member/Prime Minister incubator known as the Bullingdon Club

3.    A garden shed in London sells for £6billion

Generation Rent turned into Generation Re-Locate. London now stands largely uninhabited, with vast swathes owned by trillionaires who spend most of their time overseas

4.    President Chelsea Clinton is in the White House, defeating an as-yet-unborn member of the Bush dynasty

American politics may not have progressed far, but at least they have a lady in charge

5.    The Government confirm the Chilcott report will be published “soon”

Or at least, any day now. Just the odd T to cross and i to dot…

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