This Week in FMQs – 01/12/2016


This Week in FMQs - 01/12/2016

Conservative leader Ruth Davidson started off by attacking the SNP’s record on education by saying that the Curriculum for Excellence ‘swamps’ teachers in bureaucracy. The First Minster replied that she was working with the Cabinet Secretary for Education, John Swinney, on simplifying the guidance and reducing the bureaucracy.

The FM also referenced the consultation recently launched by Mr Swinney on the governance arrangements for schools which could give them new decision-making powers.

Scottish Labour leader, Kezia Dugdale, asked about the 50,000 NHS patients that were not being seen within the 12 week limit in Scotland. Ms Sturgeon responded that the NHS in Scotland currently has record numbers of staff and investment.
The First Minister also provided an update on her visit to Ireland. She stated that it is important that the message that Scotland is open, internationalist, and wants to work with other independent countries is taken to rest of the world. She also said that discussions of Brexit and its implications featured significantly in her visit.

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