The Week Ahead in Holyrood 06/02/2017

Emma Divers

The Week Ahead in Holyrood 06/02/2017

On Tuesday there will be a Scottish Government debate on Article 50. The debate will put forward the Scottish Government’s view that Article 50 should not be invoked as the UK Government has failed to set out provisions for effective consultation with the devolved administrations on reaching an agreed UK approach to the negotiations.

This will be followed by a Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body Motion on the Appointment of Scottish Public Services Ombudsman. Next, there will be a Legislative Consent Motion on the UK Government’s Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Bill. Finally, Mike Rumbles will lead Member’s Business by addressing the Blackhillock to Kintore Transmission Line. He will call for measures to be taken in order to minimise the visual impact of the transmission line.
On Wednesday, Portfolio Questions focus on the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work. There will also be a Scottish Government Debate on The Future of the Jobcentre Plus Network in Scotland. Finally, Bill Kidd will sponsor a debate which welcomes the The Jimmy Reid Foundation Report into Trident and its Successor Programme. The debate will focus on the UK Government’s plans for the renewal of the Trident Nuclear Programme.

Thursday’s General Questions will be followed by First Minister’s Questions. Stuart McMillan will then lead Members’ Business by addressing Barnardo’s Scotland’s, Nurture Week campaign which focusses on the importance of nurture and attachment in early childhood development. Finally, at 2.30pm there will be a Scottish Government Debate on Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy 2-16 -2026.

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