A Christmas comms tale


Following some recent reputational issues, Santa is appointing PLMR to complement his in-house team of elves.

‘Twas the night before Christmas
In agencies and in-house
Nothing was stirring
No client crises to douse

The annual leave was booked
The rotas were set
And all of the deadlines
And targets were met

Then all of a sudden
Without any warning
A client in crisis!
As it approached morning

“Please PLMR!
You’re my only hope,
Without you I’m ruined,
I don’t think I’ll cope”

“Calm down” we consoled
“What’s the problem here?”
“I don’t think I’ll manage,
My delivery this year!”

With prompt recognition
We realised so quick
That at the end of the phone
Was Jolly Old St Nick

“Don’t worry Mr Claus
There’s no need to stress
You handle your reindeers
We’ll handle the press!”

A line was set up,
A statement prepared
“The deliveries will go ahead
They won’t be impaired!”

With the media on side
St Nick on standby
The sleigh was all fixed
He was ready to fly

“Thank you PLMR!
You were always my first choice!
Now where do I send
Your most reasonable invoice?”

Merry Christmas from everyone at PLMR!

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