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Steven Gauge's BLOG

Deadline day
Timing is everything in politics
By Steven Gauge
No need to be sheepish about animal welfare
This week, a small group of highly trained sheep are commuting to Central London for an important assignment in the...
By Steven Gauge
Behind the Scenes at the Liberal Democrat Conference
PLMR's Steven Gauge discusses his recent attendance to the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton
By Steven Gauge
Why MPs love select committees
PLMR's Steven Gauge on how Select Committees operate and their function in Parliament
By Steven Gauge
Lib Dem Family Values
Steven Gauge shares his thoughts from the night of Tim Farron's leadership election victory
By Steven Gauge
Charles Kennedy: A Tribute
The terribly sad news that their former leader Charles Kennedy has died at the age of just 55, will hit Liberal...
By Steven Gauge
PLMR’s Queen’s Speech Analysis: Sport & Leisure
Although the Conservative Manifesto contained a number of commitments on Sports and Leisure, the Queen’s speech itself was rather...
By Steven Gauge
Hipster Venue for Manifesto Launch Recycling Traditional Liberal Democrat Themes
PLMR's Senior Consultant, and veteran Liberal Democrat campaigner Steven Gauge, provides his insights into the LibDem's 2015 General Election Manifesto
By Steven Gauge
Getting out of the Westminster village
The result of the next election will decided by the thousands of complex individual decisions, some tactical, some parochial, some...
By Steven Gauge
Dispatch from Lib Dem Conference 2014: Nick Clegg’s conference speech success
How did Nick Clegg manage to push all the right buttons in the Lib Dem Party Conference Hall?
By Steven Gauge