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PLMR - Global Communciations Alliance

The Global Communications Alliance (GCA) was established by PLMR. It’s a network of ten independent communications agencies from across the world. The GCA includes more than 180 expert communications consultants in 15 countries, covering four continents. .

Partners have differing specialities, from marketing and events, to public relations and lobbying, and work across a huge variety of sectors. It’s a grouping of trusted partners and friends, benefiting partner agencies, their clients, and individual consultants.

Benefits of the GCA

    1. Clients are supported across multiple international markets and jurisdictions
    2. Partner agencies can refer to a network of high quality trusted agencies across the world
    3. Clients and consultants have access to an extended network of international offices
    4. Enhanced credibility, prestige and global footprint, for partner agencies, clients and consultants.

How does the GCA work?

GCA partners refer international work within the network when appropriate, making the GCA a business development organisation for all its partners. The GCA holds quarterly conference calls to catch up on developments within each firm, ensuring full use is made of the extended network of specialists.

Partners act at all times in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding. Secretariat support for the GCA is being provided for the first year by PLMR, the founding agency. This will be passed on to another partner agency after the first twelve months.

GCA members

Who can join the GCA?

GCA members are all independent agencies with a global outlook, and are experts within their jurisdictions. The GCA will be accommodating new partners in the future. If you would like to be involved, please contact PLMR on 00 44 (0)207 622 9529.