Our Global Reach

The Global Communications Alliance (GCA) was established by PLMR.The Global Communications Alliance is a network of independent corporate and public affairs agencies united in providing the very best service to clients around the world.

We develop award winning campaigns and successfully craft strategies that resonate with a wide range of stakeholders.

Crisis management and communications is a particular expertise for each of our members, with teams of consultants ready to quickly and effectively support organisations in need..

The GCA has thirteen partner agencies with years of experience advising organisations – from multinationals to start-ups and NGOs. We help clients achieve their goals and build their reputation, combining global reach and local knowledge.

Benefits of the GCA
1. Clients are supported across multiple international markets and jurisdictions
2. Partner agencies can refer to a network of high quality trusted agencies across the world
3. Clients and consultants have access to an extended network of international offices
4. Enhanced credibility, prestige and global footprint, for partner agencies, clients and consultants.

What we do
GCA partners collaborate closely to ensure that decades of experience across the network is leveraged to benefit the companies with which we work.

We meet regularly, working on joint projects and helping clients overcome challenges, protecting their reputation and business interests. We are stronger together. We are a reliable partner ready to join your team.

GCA members

Who can join the GCA?

GCA members are all independent agencies with a global outlook, and are experts within their jurisdictions. The GCA will be accommodating new partners in the future. If you would like to be involved, please contact PLMR on 0207 622 9529.

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