About Us

PLMR is an award winning public affairs, PR and digital marketing agency, based in Westminster at the heart of the UK’s political scene, and with more than 50 consultants working across a wide range of sectors with various specialisms, we are one of Britain’s fastest-growing communications companies.

No matter what sector you operate in, or what your campaign goals are, we have the expertise to deliver the results you need:

Lobbying and Public Affairs

The PLMR team includes former political candidates and advisers, and public affairs experts, who can help you to navigate the parliamentary landscape and ensure your message reaches people of influence to produce real change.

PR and Media Relations

Whether you’re looking to reach a tailored target audience, or share your key messages with as many people as possible, our specialist PR and media relations team works to secure coverage in the media (print or broadcast) that will get you seen for all the right reasons.

Media training

Getting interviewed by the media can be daunting, but our specialist media training experts can help you to develop the key messages and statements you need to make a confident and well-considered statement in any media appearance.

Crisis Communications

Reputation management is a key issue for any business. When things go wrong, it’s critical that you have a crisis communications plan in place to ensure that everyone in your organisation is able to respond effectively when questioned by the media. Our crisis communications specialists can help with scenario planning, crisis hotlines, and handling breaking news stories, protecting your brand.

Digital Marketing

The online landscape has changed everything about the way we communicate, and that’s where digital marketing comes in. Using the digital tools at your disposal, whether that’s your website, social media channels or video content, you can reach larger, more targeted audiences than ever before. Our award-winning digital marketing team can provide everything you need to make a statement online.

Call us on 0207 622 9529, or email info@plmr.co.uk to find out how we can help you with your communications needs today.


PLMR was founded in 2006. From Day One, we pledged to give 5% of net profits to charity – we’ve done so ever since.


In 2014, PLMR launched  in the heart of Edinburgh, expanding our work across the UK.


In 2015, PLMR founded the  – a worldwide network of independently owned agencies operating in 15 countries and 4 continents.


In 2016, PLMR was the most awarded agency at the Public Affairs Awards – a wonderful way to round of 10 years of success!


In 2017, PLMR acquired the wonderful Mango Marketing – a boutique agency working in the technology and education sectors


At the end of 2017, PLMR announced its latest acquisition, planning experts Snapdragon Consulting!