What Hugh Grant and I should have told Leveson | 28/11/12

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And why David Cameron is right to have an “open mind” on Leveson prior to the release of the report. ...Read More

Never Leaving A Soldier Behind | 19/10/12

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Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced a £50 million pot for the commemoration of the centenary of the start of First World War. When doing so, the Prime Minister said that:...Read More

Dispatches from the (Vote Blue, Go) Green Zone | 08/10/12

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One of the most striking aspects of Party Conferences in big city centres these days is the Green Zone-style security: roads sealed off and armed security everywhere....Read More

Conservative Party Conference – A Tale of Two Leaders | 08/10/12

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Guest blog from James Ford, a former aide to Mayor of London Boris Johnson (2010-12)...Read More

Musical Chairs: What ‘reshuffle season’ could hold | 03/09/12

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As Parliament returns from its month and a half long recess, many of the conversations on the terrace or in the lobbies will be on an impending reshuffle. ...Read More

Fairer Care Funding: Will the ‘cap’ fit? | 17/08/12

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We heard this week that David Cameron and Nick Clegg have pledged their support for Economist Andrew Dilnot’s Government-commissioned report, in a bid to ‘revolutionise’ social care for the elderly....Read More

Corby: All Eyes on Ed | 09/08/12

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As Ed Miliband gears up to launch the Corby by-election campaign with candidate Andy Sawford this afternoon, all eyes will be on Labour Party to see how they frame the debate in this key marginal seat. ...Read More

A Tentative Green Light for Low Carbon Investment | 25/07/12

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As summer finally arrives in London, the heat seems to have affected some more than others. Namely, the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey who have recently been embroiled in an argument over energy reform in the UK....Read More

The beginning of the end for the Health & Social Care Bill? | 10/02/12

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Later this year my younger brother will complete his degree in medicine. At the same time, in a wonderful moment of symmetry, our father will retire from the NHS after 35 years. ...Read More

Private v. Public in the NHS – isn’t it time the debate grew up? | 28/12/11

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Yesterday’s reports that a recently proposed amendment to the Health & Social Care Bill could see National Health Service foundation hospitals allowed to raise nearly half of their funding through private work have generated predictably stormy responses....Read More

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